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    The Mission

    Create a marketplace to allow remote work and freelance opportunities for military spouses around the world.

    The Method

    Spend 100% of donations towards promoting military spouses and connecting them with employers seeking talent.

    How do military spouses overcome the impact of moves on their career?

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    It all started with a Facebook post. This one to be exact. Jessica was lamenting on the fact that as a spouse of a military member her career has been negatively affected over years of PCS moves. Every few years military spouses are forced to start over in the job hunt, required to move somewhere where there may not be any prospects for their field, required to leave a job where the created a reputation and any thought of moving up with that company.  The suck doesn’t end there.  During every interview in the new location they have to explain why they left their previous job in a way that makes it sound awesome. And even though the average person only works in a job only about 4 years  who is going to hire someone that they KNOW is going to leave? The response Jessica got from that one post was remarkable, friends replied back that they felt the same way, acquaintances reposted, even her pastor’s wife asked about the challenges military spouses go through. Ultimately the conversation got going between Jessica, Amber, and Kevin as to what can we do about this. That is where was created. Military spouses are never going to not face the challenges of moving. The structure of the U.S. military doesn’t allow for it. So how could we create something that helps these men and women who have sacrificed their professional careers to be married to members of the military?

    An Army of Highly Qualified Freelancers

    The freelance economy has been exploding over the past decade.  By 2020 around 50% of American workers are expected to work freelance in some way shape or form. The problem is that most of the freelance marketplaces out there such as Fiverr  or UpWork are a race to the bottom.  Millions of freelancers from around the world are competing for low quality gigs and if you have ever used one of these sites you know the cultural barriers often make it difficult for the person posting the job to get their intended result. One of Hire the Homefront’s main value propositions is that all our freelancers are military spouses. They are as Americana as you can get, they shop at Target, eat at Chick-Fil-A, and watch football (real football) so job posters don’t have to worry if their instructions will be understood. They also have a higher education level than their civilian counterparts on average. On the flipside our freelancers also can command a premium for their services. Employers are basically getting a highly overqualified freelancer when posting a job on These are men and women with decades of experience and training

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