March 11, 2017
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How to Bid on a Freelance Job

Bidding on your first freelance job can be worse than dating. What if the client doesn’t like my proposal? What if he doesn’t like me? The only way to find out is to put yourself out there  The nice thing about Hire the Homefront is we are completely free to milspouses and veterans so you can bid on as many projects as you like. If you keep these 3 ideas in mind I guarantee you will eventually find a good match.

Know what you are getting into

Unfortunately the downfall of many a freelance project is unclear goals both on the client and the freelancer’s side.  Go on any freelance website (even Hire the Homefront) and you will found scores of vague project postings with details descriptions such as “help me with my website” or “need accounting help”. Yes your need accounting help……what kind of help, how much help? In person? Business or personal? What kind of software do you use? All things that a well formed project posting would include. Unfortunately we can’t make people give a detailed project description with set milestones and expectations and let’s be honest how often do you need help with something but are not sure exactly what that help involves. I mean if you knew it would you really need help? That being said you should always be wary of taking on a project with vague goals. I am not telling you not to bid on such a project but get come clarification before bidding. Ask questions and try to lead the potential client to what you think a doable project description is.

On the flip side you often find projects with clear goals, reasonable milestones, and great budgets. Never pass up on these beauties but make sure you have your act together when posting. One way to do that is by what you say in your proposal. Don’t cut and paste boilerplate proposals instead provide specific details about how you are going to rock their project. I try to make sure I reference something in the project description to ensure they know I actually read the thing.

Have a killer profile

I feel like I beat this horse a lot but I just can’t figure out why people don’t get it.  If you were going on tinder and had to pick between the profile picture on the left and the one on the right which would you go with? Thank you do I need to speak more about profile pics?


Moving on, one of the best things I have seen people do on Hire the Homefront is when they not only tell people about themselves as a military spouse but also about their professional life.  Make sure you list some positions you have worked at in the past, any certifications you might have, and skill sets you have. Also, if you are any kind of graphic designer or writer or anything like that upload an example of your work in your portfolio. Here is my profile if you are interested.

Check your work

This one may seem kind of basic but it is huuuuge.  Even one misspelling can sink your proposal before the client finishes reading it. Think about it, if someone is looking for a person to write an article for them what are they going to think if they find a misspelling in the proposal? I make it a point to write any proposal up in MS Word and then cut and paste it into the website. That was I can use spellcheck, grammar check, and whatever else check before submitting. For more info check out our Success Tips Page