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  • Justin Stowe

    Associate Brand Manager

    8 years experience 0 projects worked $25.00/hr $0 earned

    I’d love to help you build your business. 

  • James Bankester


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    I am a honorably discharged Veteran of the United States Army, 19Kilo. When I left the army I ranked in at E5 Tank Commander and had the Sergent classification. I have training in a vast array of fields including but not limited to the skills I needed for my job while enlisted. Some of those skills include Combat lifesaver, management of a platoon of men, that is 16 men. I ran for the military as well as fought fires in the mountains in 1995. I completed my bachelor’s degree in psychology and my associates in Physical Training. I am a self taught man that uses intellectual analysis and consideration in any and all of my everyday affairs. Since leaving the military I have had various jobs, working as management in real estate endeveors, learned trades such as carpentary, frame work, roofing, hanging drywall, mechanics, mathematical equations as well as human relations and behavior analysis. I learn quickly and complete any and all jobs in the projected time frame needed to be achieved. There is never a lack of detail as attention to detail is part of my nature. I am a people person, and very charismatic. 

  • Brian Grimmer

    Graphic Designer & Web Developer

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    Veteran graphic designer and developer with more than thirty years of experience working in the creative industry.

  • Marissa Clark

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  • Catherine Joy

    Administrative Assistant

    32 years experience 0 projects worked $15.00/hr $0 earned

                                           Catherine A. JOY

    13610 hERCULES LANE


    (210) 663-7627 cell




    Obtain a position within an organization which would ably utilize my knowledge and experience in the business, pharmaceutical and healthcare environments and offer an opportunity for personal and professional growth. More than 30 years’ experience in the health care industry (20+ years with the Department of Veterans Affairs & 10 years at BioNumerik Pharmaceuticals). Skilled in the handling of confidential and delicate billing concerns belonging to Veterans and their families. Appeals specialist in claims adjudication for the Office of Community Care. Serves as Congressional Liaison & Appeals Clerk for the Office of Community Care supporting congressional offices, veterans, Choice Program and Consolidated Patient Accounts Center.

    Professional Experience:


    Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Community Care , San Antonio, Texas

    Appeals Clerk/Congressional Liaison – (2010 – present)                                                                                                                                


    Principal POC for appeal request and reconsiderations due to denials of claims for decisions based on VA facilities available, non-emergent care and other health insurance

    Program Assistant operating in capacity as veterans appeals and congressional liaison; proven ability to perform duties in a fast-paced setting by setting clear priorities and paying attention to key details; greater than 100 processed each quarter

    Responds and documents daily to complex questions from veterans, their family members and vendors regarding non-VA care, Veterans Choice Program and Revenue and the differences between these services

    Utilizes Fee Basis Claims System, Docmanager, CPRS, VISTA and Internet to investigate veterans’ claims in response to appeal request or congressional inquiry; approximately 200 annually

    Facilitates meetings between veteran, vendor and Office of Community Care (CBO) regarding billing inquiries for non-VA care; greater than 50 each quarter

    Point of contact for “walk in” veterans who need guidance and advice for billing issues resulting from care in the community

    Advises and assists with (technical) discussions on Purchased Care; utilizes outcomes of those discussions to support the daily delivery of health care benefits to veterans

    Expert in evaluating work process methodology; provides regular advice using independent judgement to upper level staff on the status of significant issues

    Proficient in various administrative programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Photoshop, Vista, Windows

    Inputs all appeal and congressional information onto MS Spreadsheet with recent introduction to Appeals database which will be forthcoming


    Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Community Care, San Antonio, Texas

    Congressional Liaison – (2010 – present)

    Functions as a Program Support Assistant performing duties in analysis, coordination, investigation and composition utilizing manuals, Code of Federal Regulations, United States Code, Public Laws and Board of Appeals Court Decisions

    Responsible for researching, analyzing and responding to inquiries received by the Hospital Director from veterans and their families who have voiced concerns to the President of the United States and members of congress regarding medical benefits with a wide variety of problems and situations

    Identifies the veterans concerns and makes an analysis of the circumstances by reviewing documentation in the administrative and computerized patient record system

    Responsible for applying public laws and VA regulations to determine legal eligibility for medical benefits and related services and coordinates with Consolidated Patient Account Center (CPAC) program and/or Community Care regarding copayments for healthcare/prescriptions and reimbursable insurance

    Consults with administrative, professional and/or technical staff at the hospital and outpatient clinics to efficiently resolve problems

    Composes a response from investigative findings for Deputy Chief Business Officer’s signature making sure inquiries are addressed and resolutions properly identified

    Communicate with veteran ensuring all facets of response have been addressed to the veterans’ satisfaction

    Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas

    EEO Assistant (2006 – 2010)


    Responsibilities included:


    Serves as primary source in the absence of EEO Manager

    Provides clerical and technical support of the EEO program

    Assistant People with Disabilities Manager (PDP)

    Cohost Medical Center Multicultural Fair for Employees

    Assist EEO counselors, investigators, and general counsel with obtaining information and requests

    Schedules hearings, depositions, and mediations

    Conducts and schedules EEO training including New Employee Orientation, No Fear Act, Sexual Harassment & The Discrimination Complaint Process

    Maintains and enters all EEO training in tracking system

    Planed, evaluated and executes budget for EEO & Special Emphasis Programs

    Procured all necessary materials and supplies for EEO & Special Emphasis Programs

    Served as backup timekeeper


    BioNumerik Pharmaceuticals, Inc, San Antonio, Texas

    Purchasing Agent/cGMP Regulatory Affairs Compliance Assistant (1997 – 2006)


    Primary Purchasing Agent for the company. Responsibilities included:


    Selecting vendors and establish vendor accounts

    Entering purchase orders and conducting follow-up with vendor sales representatives to obtain product updates, negotiate pricing, and solicit quotations

    Obtaining appropriate documentation from vendors

    Coordinating with Receiving, Accounts Payable, and other departments to ensure Purchase U

    Collaborating with users, vendors, and others to decide whether goods are unacceptable

    Identify and resolve problems with goods and request expedited delivery of goods to users

    Approved invoices for payment

    Define Fixed assets, including reconciliation and equipment labeling, in FAS system

    Coordinate U.S. and foreign travel for scientific staff and other personnel, prospective employees, business contacts, and customers


    CGMP Regulatory Affairs Compliance Assistant. Responsibilities included:

    Written policies and procedures implementation

    Organizing effective training and education for the employees

    Assisting compliance officer and compliance committee by monitoring progress towards compliance

    Regular internal monitoring and auditing

    Establishing effective communication with research staff and management

    On time responding to address detected problems and taking up corrective action; and

    Enacting standards and disciplinary guidelines

    Assist with statistical reports to ensure compliance practices are current

    General assistance to ensure compliance program complies with FDA regulations and guidelines

    Detail oriented to keep monitoring reports and data current

    Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, San Antonio, Texas

    Administrative Assistant (1992-1997)


    Administrative Assistant to five Nurse Managers, supporting Nursing Service and Unit goals.

    Responsibilities included:

    Assuring the timely completion of required reports and action documents

    Issuing correspondence concerning administrative and technical issues

    Reviewing incoming correspondence and preparing response or referral

    Establishing and maintaining a tracking system for correspondence and reports, with periodic follow-up to ensure timely and appropriate action

    Serving as an alternate timekeeper responsible for preparation, maintenance and submission of time and attendance reports for each employee assigned to Nursing Services


    Health Unit Coordinator (HUC) (1985 – 1992)

    Coordinator of all clerical and administrative functions for a hospital unit. Responsibilities


    Providing administrative coverage and support to the clinical staff in the delivery of health care

    Transcribing physicians’ orders and initiating appropriate response to ensure timely completion of all requests. Scheduling procedures, tests, and appointments in specified time frames

    Processing all admissions, discharges, inter-ward and inter-facility transfers

    Entering requests into the online pharmacy and dietary request systems

    Providing orientation to rotating clinical staff on administrative policies and procedures


    Part Time Medical Receptionist – Boerne/Bulverde Urgent Care (2009)


    Opened Urgent Care Facility, greeted incoming clients, entered patient information in the computer, verified insurance, informed patients of treatment cost (if private pay), arranged for transfer to medical facility via POV or ambulance, arranged chart, responsible for entire check in/check out process, maintained waiting area, ordered supplies, answered telephones, communicated effectively and in a supportive manner with patients/clients of all backgrounds.  Ability to perform even under the most stressful conditions.  Maintained strict confidentiality to protect sensitive patient information.  Secured building at the end of the day ensuring registration and reception area were tidy.  


    Part Time Administrative Assistant (2010-2011) – Porter Loring Funeral Chapel

    Supported the Executive Director in the role of administrative support and completed an assortment of tasks.  Duties included answering phones, coordinating receipt of remains, organizing correspondence, preparing obituaries for submission to press, assisting directors with arranging services, communicating with family members and any extra duties requested by the direct care staff.

    Special Skills

    Proven customer service professional with a desire to assist others

    Experienced in managing and coordinating multiple and complex projects, able to prioritize tasks to meet deadlines; reliable, organized, and can work independently in a fast pace environment

    Extensive knowledge of purchasing procedures and medical terminology

    Excellent communication and negotiation skills

    Ability to handle even the most sensitive issues with diplomacy and tact

    Ability to prepare written technical reports

    I am committed to my work and my co-workers and have been recognized as a team player, evidenced by outstanding work ratings and longevity of employment


    REFERENCES:  Available upon request

  • Danielle Cooper


    3 years experience 0 projects worked $15.00/hr $0 earned

    My name is Dani. I’m a stay at home mom and am looking to make some extra income for my family. I love to cook and bake. Call me crazy but I enjoy cleaning as well. I would love to help out with whatever tasks you may have. 

    Thanks so much!

  • Dominique NeSmith

    Executive Director

    1 year experience 0 projects worked $5.00/hr $0 earned


  • Renee Gibson

    I'm here when you need me

    10 years experience 0 projects worked $10.00/hr $0 earned

    Hello. I am a military wife and I’m a hard working, detail oriented woman. I have experience in customer service, and sales. 

  • Matt Hamel

    District Vice President | Entrepreneur

    14 years experience 0 projects worked $25.00/hr $0 earned

    Veteran and Professional chameleon that adapts to changing dynamics and exceeds professional benchmarks. 

    Core competencies include but are not limited to attention to detail, operations management, inventory, P & L, Onboarding, Social Networking, Retail Management, Outlier Management, Security, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Consulting, Microsoft Office, Soft and Hard Skills, Etc. 

  • Nathan Grimshaw

    Logistics Manager

    25 years experience 0 projects worked $20.00/hr $0 earned

    Warehouse, shipping, receiving, contracts, budget, purchasing, product research, and contract monitoring 

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