The Team

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Mike has spent pretty much all of his adult life saving things. Whether it was saving lives with his work as a Search and Rescue Coordinator, saving dollars as a financial analyst, or saving cute little Pokémons, you name it, Mike saves it. Now Mike works every day to help military families find ways to promote themselves to employers through Hire the Homefront. For fun, Mike works as a collegiate football official on the weekends.

Mike holds an MBA from the University of Tampa and is a Certified Government Financial Manager.


Josh spent most of his professional career as an officer and aviator in the Coast Guard chasing drug boats and rescuing lost divers throughout the Caribbean and Central America. When not flying Josh used data analytics to help partner nations track the patterns of narco traffickers and improve interdiction results. Now he serves as a financial manager and logistician helping to manage almost $1 billion in inventory distributed throughout the world. Oh and he basically built the site by himself.

Joshua holds an MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he attended as a military fellow.